Green wall Maintenance at EM Engineering Operations and Command Centre (OCC) 17 August 2018

The first Green Wall Mainatenance project for the GOfix team was at EM Engineering's Operation and Command Centre (OCC) on 17 August 2018. Designed to evoke a sense of calm and serenity in a highly dynamic and stressful environment, the Green Wall was in urgent need of a remedy as almost 80% of the wall was sparse and empty. Meticulous steps were taken to diagnose and rectify the problem with lighting identified as the main issue and a lighting expert brought on board to assess and provide a solution. Our GOfix team wasted no time to address the other issues plaguing the wall: Re-planting of the empty pots was immediately carried out to allow for re-generation of the Green Wall. Using cuttings from existing pots, the team painstakingly replanted each pot. The Reservoir was filled with dirt and particulate matter and formed a possible choke hazard to the irrigation pipes The Reservoir after it was cleaned, vacuumed and flushed by the GOfix team