Fixing Rubbish Chute

It is my first time using GOfix and the whole experience simply awesome! Begin right from the Call Centre, Evelyn. She's kind, courteous, listening carefully to my problem. Though my voice sounds desperate while explaining my situation to her. She efficiently and accurately serve my needs. Next, the handyman Tommy and his partner (sorry! didn't manage to get his name) I am writing as an appreciation for the quality service provided by him. I noted that the repair work was completed promptly. Warmest thanks for GOfix's team of your hard work and contributions. I must say the prompt action and service extended by your staff was appreciable. Once again, please keep up the positive attitude and superior customer service. P.S. The photo attached was before the repair. The rubbish chute totally cannot close! Therefore explained the tapes all over to ensure the door are closed! Ms Yanni Ng Tampines